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BF561 and Gigabit Ethernet Performance

Question asked by ErykD on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by tamirci

Dear Readers,


We implemented a Gigabit Ethernet capability for the BF561 (running uClinux, kernel 2.6.x @ 600MHz) using an ASIX AX88180 chip. Once everything was in place we learned that we could only obtain a fraction of the gigabit performance, namely just bellow 100Mb/s. After getting 4kB jumbo frames to work the performance improved slightly to ~114Mb/s. I measured that it takes ~102us to push the 4kB packet into the ASIX chip (at kernel network driver level, "xmit" function). Yet from the throughput (tested with iperf) it looks like the system requires a total of ~270us to send a 4kB packet.

At the moment I am wondering if:

- it is expected that the layers above the driver network need ~170us per 4kB frame?

- using kernel 3.x would help?

- there any internal scheduling policies that I might try to optimize?

- if there is someone that obtained gigabit performance/capability using VisualDSP++?


Thank you for your time and help.