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Timer Interrupt Problem in ADSP21065L

Question asked by Adeel on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2012 by jeyanthi.jegadeesan

Hi All,

         I am using ADSP-21065L based embedded system and want to configure the timer interrupt to occur every 10 ms as a low priority ISR. The system runs at 60 MHz clock and so I am uisng the following lines of code;


interrupt (SIG_TMZ, Timer_ISR);

*REG_TPERIOD0 = 0x927bf; //timer interrupt generated every 10ms which is 10ms/16.666ns -1 = 0x927bf

*REG_TCOUNT0 = 0x927bf;

sysreg_bit_set(sysreg_IMASK, BIT_23); //unmask the low priority timer interrupt

sysreg_bit_set (sysreg_MODE2, TIMEN0 | INT_HI0); //timer is enabled here with low priority ISR

sysreg_bit_set(sysreg_MODE1, IRPTEN); //enable global interrupt


However, it appears that once i run my code with aforesaid programming  for Timer 0, the timer_isr function doesn't execute. Could someone suggest what possible settngs I am missing in order to properly configure the timer interrupt in ADSP21065L



Adeel Malik