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AD9271 digital output

Question asked by mantow on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2012 by mantow

Hi EngineerZone,


I am doing a sinewave capture test using the AD9271 ADC (25 MSPS variant) in my data acquistion system. For this I am applying a 1MHz ac coupled 100mVpp sinewave to two channels of my AD9271, with the remaining six channels left unconnected. I have a digital output stream for our test signal but I wanted to ask/confirm what the correct digital output one should be expecting.


In our case, should the digital outputs be a signal that is centred at 1.4V (c. 3000), or one that is centred at half scale (c. 2000) ? I expect it should be the former but it was not overly clear to me from the datasheet of the device.


Many thanks in advance