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Total memory needed in EEPROM?

Question asked by ChristianH on Jun 11, 2012
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I'm just wondering how can I find out how much memory I really need for my finished project in the EEPROM.


We have a design where we switch from the 1702 to the 1701 that has more processing power.

Further we have an 8kB EEPROM in the design for self-booting the device that should not be changed for the 1701.

The data sheet says that normally an 8kB should be sufficient for the 1701 (for the 1702 it's not a problem).


1) Is it simply program memory x4 Bytes + parameter memory x5 Bytes (if I do not use any writeback / interface registers)?

2) Can the "E2Prom.Hex" file give me the correct size? E.g. my "E2Prom.Hex" has 1012 line x8 Bytes so I need 8096 bytes total? What if more that 8192 bytes would be needed, will the "E2Prom.Hex" then have more than 1024 lines? Would there be an error message when I try to write such a project to the EEPROM?