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ADV7533 main power down register bit 0x41[6] do not programing

Question asked by fars on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by fars

I've tried to program ADV7533 via I2C according to Section 3 - Quick Start Guide from Programming Gide. First step is to power up by writing 0 to bit 6 of 0x41 register. But when I'm write 0x0 to that reg it still the same value as before write


1) I've read data before I2C write and data is 0x50;  (8'b0101 0000) - device in power down;

2) I write as 0x72 - slave addr, 0x41 - reg. addr. , 0x0 - data;

3) Read after this write gave the same 0x50;


All other registers write and read good. PD(Power Down Pin) is pull-down to the ground.


What is wrong???? Maybe there is some HW issue or there is some extra step before register programming???