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adv7441a YPbPr input to RGB(AIN1,AIN2,AIN3), color isn't correct

Question asked by Gongfen on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by GuenterL

Dear Sir,


I use adv7441a to capture YPbPr or VGA signal with a DB15 connector, YPbPr input to RGB(AIN1,AIN2,AIN3).

And the VGA input is good(RGBHV), but YPbPr isn't ok.


The hardware is:

G - AIN1 (SOG)   -- Y

B - AIN2     -- Pb

R - AIN3     -- Pr


My YPbPr script:(720P60 YPbPr input)

(0x21 is I2C 0x42>>1)

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x03,value=0x09

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x05,value=0x02

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x6b,value=0xe3

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x1d,value=0x40

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x3c,value=0xa8

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x47,value=0x0a

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x68,value=0xf2

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x7b,value=0x1d

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x7c,value=0x00

write i2c 0x21, addr=0xba,value=0xa0

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x85,value=0x19

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x06,value=0x07

write i2c 0x21, addr=0xc4,value=0x40

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x87,value=0xe6

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x88,value=0x72

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x8f,value=0x02

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x90,value=0x7c

write i2c 0x21, addr=0xab,value=0x2e

write i2c 0x21, addr=0xac,value=0xe0

write i2c 0x21, addr=0x91,value=0x10


You can see the attachment that I got.

If I set addr 0x68 to 0xF2, I got the picture is so green.

And if I set 0x68 to 0xF0, the picture is so dark.

The last picture is the source picture.


And VGA 1024x768 good script is this:

0x21 0x03 0x09 # Disable TOD

0x21 0x05 0x02 #; Prim_Mode =010b for GR

0x21 0x06 0x0c #; VID_STD=1100b for 1024x768 _@ 60

0x21 0x6B 0xe3 #; DE Out

0x21 0x1D 0x40 #; Disable TRI_LLC

0x21 0x3C 0xA8 #; SOG Sync level for atenuated sync, PLL Qpump to default

0x21 0x47 0x0A #; Enable Automatic PLL_Qpump and VCO Range

0x21 0x68 0xF0 #; Auto CSC , RGB Ou

0x21 0x7B 0x1D #; Turn off EAV and SAV codes

0x21 0xBA 0xA0 #; Enable HDMI and Analog in

0x21 0xF4 0x15 #; Max Drive Strength


So can you give me any script that YPbPr signal to connect AIN1,AIN2,AIN3 ?


Best regards,

Gongfen Qiu.