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Vddint for 200MHz BF592

Question asked by Kenny.S on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by jobo23

Hi ADI professors,


There is description of VDDINT only for 400MHz BF592 but not for 200MHz in datasheet, I would like to know if any power parameters available for 200MHz BF592.


1. What's the lowest and nominal VDDINT when 200MHz BF592 reaching the maximum frequency?

2. Let's say the VDDINT for maximum frequency of 200MHz BF592 is 1.33V, and if this 1.33V is not stable(usually falls down) during running, what will happen to CCLK? Will the CCLK reduce frequency automatically or uncertainty happen? What's the tolorence time and voltage if I want to remain the highest CCLK?


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