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VDSP for ADSP21992

Question asked by porter on Jun 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2012 by CraigG

I am new to AD processors and VDSP. I am using ADSP21992.
I am using 'VDSP 3.5,16bit processors' with following specs.

ADSP-219x ELF Assembler



I downloaded the example project 'adsp-2191_complex_rad2_fft' from AD website (The link says they are for ADSP21992) and tried building it.
At first it gave me an error saying 'This project needs to be upgraded to new version' which was fine.
But, when I assemble it, I get following errors.

1) [Error ea4002] ".\Cfft2_2191.asm":151 Illegal Multi Instruction Formation
Instruction Component: 24 bit pd pm dag2 read
Instruction Component: dm read using dag1

1) Do I have wrong assembler version?
2) Does the assembler version stated above support ADSP21992?
3) Let me know which version of vdsp supports ADSP21992.

I know that ADSP21992 is on verge of obsolecence.


Thanks in advance.