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Adding support for TLL6527M to Blackfin LTP port

Question asked by Ashish on Jun 8, 2012
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We want to add support for our custom ADSP-BF527 based platform in the Blackfin LTP port so that we can do an exhaustive testing of our custom kernels and also validate HW builds. Since most of the aspects are similar to the BF527-EZKIT, we should be able to start off the settings / configuration for the EZKIT.


We are referring the page[]=ltp for details. There is a section that talks about

downloading the latest version of the ltp source code and then building it. But the release distribution already contains the unit test scripts under test suite and other higher level scripts. 


We need your suggestions on what our starting point should be. Based on our reading following is the set of steps we think we should follow

1. Update the high level scripts part of uclinux-dist/testsuites/ltp to add cases for our platform where-ever necessary

2. Add support for TLL6527M in the configuration scripts present in the uclinux-dist/testsuites/test_scripts

3. make sure the mechanism to reset the board works fine by updating the reset_board.exp script and other scripts in the uclinux-dist/testsuites

4. Then go through all the unit tests and ascertain the relevant ones for our platform, add support if needed and finally,

5. Follow the steps given here to run the tests.[]=ltp#linux_kernel_test_steps


Please confirm if above approach makes sense and indicate any key dependency that needs porting.

We're using uclinux-dist version 2011R1-RC3 & toolchain is 2011R1-RC4.


Best regards,

Ashish Gupta