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Copy/Paste blocks in Sigma Studio makes me crazy....

Question asked by ChristianH on Jun 8, 2012
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my situation is:

I'm using Sigma Studio 3.7.3 Beta now (also used others before).

My workflow is to test some algorithms (i.e. several SigmaDSP blocks connected) reading additional informations with the DSP readback and so on (let's call it "Debuggging" new algorithms).


At that point where I've tested all algorithms for the final design I want to bring them together in the final project.

So I open step by step my prototype projects and copy a couple of blocks by selecting them and push Ctrl-C.

Pasting them in another project ends in most cases that all pasted blocks are in the lower right corner of the worksheet now.

The worksheet seems to have a maximum size. Pasting new blocks I always have to search for them because they do not appear on the current screen. And dragging them to the other blocks is not very funny doing it again and again.


What can I do to paste blocks near the existing ones or in the center of the worksheet (there are the existing blocks after pasting new ones)?

Or can that behaviour be improved in the next releases?