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ADF4351 visual basic source code

Question asked by microlit on Jun 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2012 by rbrennan

Help - I urgently need ADF4351 software source code in visual basic version 6 !


I have developed a test rig that uses the ADF4350 evaluation board as an RF generator.  I adapted the ADF4350 visual basic source code so that I could drive it from the command line and thus integrate it into my own test software.  Works just fine.  But the USB driver will not install on my customer's computer: neither my version nor the original ADF4350 software will talk to the device.  They have searched the forum and found e.g. which suggests using the ADF4351 software, they installed and it talks to the device OK.


So now I need a command line version of this software, so I can integrate it into my own software.  I want it in visual basic please, because I have not got time to learn C++.  Is there such a thing, or else any other workaround to get the original ADF4350 software working?


My customer is using this test rig to commission equipment (which in turn uses the ADF4350 and ADF4360-0 chips) they are manufacturing.  They have a whole bunch of equipment waiting to be tested and waiting to be shipped, so they need a solution urgently.


My customer is using Windows 7, where I use XP.  However I have demonstrated that I can install and get working the original ADF4350 software on a separate XP machine here, and a Windows 7 machine too, so I do not know what is so special about their machine.  But the Windows 7 is very choosy.