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AD9854-ADRF6701-03 Interface

Question asked by Sudhanshu on Jun 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2012 by Kevin.G

Hey Guys,


You are doing a great work out here.

However I have a query which I think I'm sure of. But still I am confirming if this can work?


I have been asked to use AD9854 with ADRF6701-ADRF6703 for this purpose instead of the Up-converter used in the Application Note attached to generate higher frequencies for the communication/Jamming purpose. I am hereby attaching the block diagram of the setup I want to use with the comments in the same PDF file..


Please have a look and I'm sure this will help other engineers to generate the higher RF frequency the correct way.


If you have some other better ICs, Methods, Approaches to generate higher SSB frequencies, please share.