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ADV7850 Memory Requirements

Question asked by ltranQ on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by AJ9520

According to the data sheet for the 7850:


Double Data Rate 2 (DDR2)

The ADV7850 can use DDR2 external memory to simultaneously

provide 3D comb and frame TBC operation.

It requires a minimum memory of 128 Mb with a speed grade of

200 MHz at CAS latency (CL) 3.

The recommended DDR2 memory compatible with the

ADV7850 include the MT47H32M16HR-25E:G from Micron

Technology, Inc.


What are the implications if we lower the memory down to 128 Mb or 256 Mb?  Is there any performance degradations to the 3D comb/frame TBC?  We originally went by what the EVAL board had, but it sounds like its overkill and we can get away with a smaller value.