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ADV7611 => FPGA => ADV7511 - Many Questions

Question asked by MrBEEF on Jun 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2012 by MrBEEF

Hey guys,


OK so I just purchased a Xilinx Rerference design that connected up to one of their Virtex-6 Design kits. This Xilinx reference design is the HDMI FMC design by AVnet:


*** The camera is irrelevant...this has HDMI in and out supporedt by ADV7611(IN) and ADV7511(OUT).


*** SEE attached schematic of the HDMI IN & OUT board. On pages 6 & 7, they show the connections for the ADV7611 and ADV7511...and how it connects to the FPGA.


Based on the connection on the ADV7511 on page 7/8, I figured the only video output format that can be supports is 480i, or 525i, or 676i based on the note showing BT.656. But the EDK project example and EDK guide, is showing they are doing 1080p video in on the ADV7611, and 1080p directly out to the ADV7511.


Perhaps I am not understanding these IC's at all, and this standard. I tried to read on the ITU.656 but it says it's for 480,525, or 576i resolutions, and only interleaved data....


The schematic shows the ADV7511 is the following settings:


- 16-bit SDR

- Embedded Sync

- Left Justified (bits D35 - D20)

- Style 1 or 2


I umderstand all of this based on the user guide but when the schematic says "BT.656" it seems like that is all it can support.


So is the ADV7511 just using this setup in this case, but it able to transmit various resolutions, Coloring, this format?


Any information would help a lot...thanks,