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Interfacing ADIS16488 with Arduino

Question asked by r-a-m on Jun 5, 2012
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I am using Arduino to read out data from ADIS16488 and print them serially on to the computer .

I am new to using SPI and would like to get some assistance on how to go about with collecting data.

I have some questions regarding how data is read from the sensor.

According to data sheet ,I need 2 16bit cycles. First I send the address and then I get the data.

I am not sure if this is the way to interpret data flow

Here is wat I have in mind.


SPI.transfer(0x1A00); // address of the gyro output along z axis; first cycle of 16 bits

int result=SPI.transfer(new address) // do this line get me the output of gyroz?????? 


So everytime I send a address through SPI.transfer(address) ,do I get the contents of the register only when I am sending a request again??

Not sure how the data flow works...


Would be really helpful when someone can guide me through this and also with the coding ???


looking forward to a reply....