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How to detect FREE FALL while maintaining low power with ADXL362?

Question asked by foresightyj on Jun 4, 2012
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I was reading the datasheet about the newcoming ADXL362 and come across the following problem:


ADXL362 requires users to implement the FREE FALL by using the INACT interrupt in the absolute mode (dc-coupled mode). The ACT_INACT_CTL register bits for LINK/LOOP have to be set to 0x for FREE FALL and 1x for LINK/LOOP mode. Thus, FREE FALL and LINKED/LOOP mode become two mutually exclusive features.


My question is thus, how to achieve FREE FALL detection while keeping the device in the low power mode? The AUTOSLEEP feature requires LINK or LOOP mode.


Thanks for any inputs.




Yuan Jian