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AD8629 - Unwanted Oscillation

Question asked by JBOsmont on Jun 4, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2013 by JBOsmont

Hi all,

I am currently using an AD8629 amplifier for my analog input stages. Even if Spice simulations gave me nice results (AD8628 Spice Model), it appears that their applications went unexptectedly bad.

Please refer to attached files for schematic applied.


The choice of the AOP is due to this main characteritics

- Very low offset voltage output

- Wide GBW


Here are the measures results (common for the 3 configurations application of the amplifier):

-1V p-p oscillation at about 260kHz on output and inverted input - Non-inverted input seems stable.

-If Output capacitor is removed : 1V p-p oscillation at about 260kHz on inverted input - ~100mV offset error on the output - Non-inverted input seems stable.


I'd like to know what phenomen causes this oscillation. Is it a  design issue or did I choosen the wrong opamp for this application ?

Have you any feedback on Spice model veracity?

Secondly, I'd be glad to have any alternate opamp proposal.


Thank you for you answers.


Best Regards,

Jean-Baptiste Osmont