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AD5934 imp. converter for inductance measurement?

Question asked by t.stern on Jun 4, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by beirao

I have been going through the datasheet and this seems perfect device for my needs, however i did not see explicit mentioning of measuring inductive reactance. I am interested in setting up a test jig for 0.5H coils with a DCR of about 30 to 40 ohms (ferrite core). It seems to me that this IC can perform the task however I would like some sort of confirmation prior to purchase.


2nd question regarding the evaluation package. I've noticed that it comes complete with PC software to conduct tests. I will be interested in lowering the minimal measurable impedance by adding the buffer as suggested in the datasheet, can I use the software to read these values or does it, from any reason, support only values above 1Kohm?