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the last word is transmitted out  when there is no new data in the sport transmit it correct?

Question asked by delljin on Jun 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2012 by delljin

We are using BF537  in our project ,

We configure the sport in unframed mode as follow:

*pSPORT1_TCR1 = 0;
*pSPORT1_TCR2 = 3;


in the TX interrupt ISR, we fill the transmit buffer with 16 words:after the sport transmit the 16 words, it will still transmit the last word written into the *pSPORT1_TX16 ,the receiver only expects the first 16 words .whether there is a method to stop the sport transmitting more data ?


BTW:the sport can not be disabled ,because the receiver need the clock of sport all time .


Any ideas on it?