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Video output from ADV7619

Question asked by ajith420 on Jun 1, 2012
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I am using ADV 7619 in  video application. I am expecting to capture data from the RGB lines of the HDMI Rx once it is connected to the host. The registers that I am programming are as follows


(PRI_MODE : 0x6, VIDEO_STD: 0x2). Enabled free run mode.

OP_FORMAT_SEL : 0x40 (4:4:4 SDR mode),

INP_COLOR_SPACE (0xF2. input color space reported by HDMI block, RGB out, No conversion).


The read back registers CSC_COEFF_SEL_RB say CSC bypassed and HDMI_COLORSPACE is returning RGB limited..


But the output I am getting is different. I am sending RED data (R : 0xff . G : 0x00, B 0x00).. ia m getting (r : 0xBE , G : 0x00 , B : 0x00). This mismtach is seen with various bitmaps I have used. Is there something I am not programming? Does any have any reference program?