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AD9643 Data Process Time

Question asked by o1p2t3o4 on May 31, 2012
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  1.      I have a AD9643 with HSC-EVAL C data capture board. On performing a time analysis based on number of samples. It is clear that 65536 samples take nearly 150 ms to be processed. Is there any thing I can do to improve the performance on speed using the SPI controller or Visual Analog or even the board.I will be collecting huge number of samples and I dont want to spend time ( even 150 ms is huge! ) . Laser scan Imaging is the experiment.
  2. What does the following mean : Up to 644 MSPS SDR/800 MSPS DDR Encode Rates on Each Channel. Multichannel ADCs with encode rates up to 644 MSPS SDR and 800 MSPS DDR can be used with the ADC capture board. This is with respect to HSC EVAL C board.


I would appreciate if someone give me a heads up as to how I can improve the data process read-in time. The more the number of samples the better the SNR. And that is important in my Image Acquisition.





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