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How to avoid the DMA channels and cpu cores access to memory conflicts

Question asked by qian on May 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by vinodbableshwar

Dear ADI engineers      

     We are recently doing some research and development based on the Company's BF609 processor. The video signal stored by the DMA mode to DDR2 SDRAM  outputs to an external display by using both a PIXC and another dma .       Our job is to do some processing in the image frame of the video signal .      

  When the image directly to the output display, the display is normal.But as long as the software to access the image data  (including read-only operations, and even operating the ram on another area), the output image will be chaos, into a piece of green or other color "block".      I world like to ask how to solve this problem, Maybe by setting the Priority of the DMA and core's memory access ?the worst solution: dma work, so cpu suspend all OK.



Thank you.