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Best way to interface with ADXL346 from a 3.3V MCU?

Question asked by foresightyj on May 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by jml

Hi guys,


I am using ADXL345 right now but I do want to upgrade to ADXL346 for obvious reasons. However, I really have a hard time in choosing a low power regulator for ADXL345. I am using a MCU which operates at 3.3V. The maximum power ADXL346 could take is 3.0V so I can't directly  interface them.


My design is power conscious. I used a few low power regulators in the past. From my experience, their actual power consumption is a lot more than they claimed. I would like to know about suggestions on how to interface to ADXL346 in a low power way.


Just curious. I would also like to know why AD designed ADXL346 this way. Is it because some MCUs or even computer processors operate in 1.8V range and ADXL346 is more interested to target those applications?


Thanks in advance.



Yuan Jian