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AD9653 crosstalk at 500 MHz

Question asked by FHC on May 30, 2012
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Hello guys...


We are designing a 4 channels 500 MHz FMC board and we would like to use the new AD9653 that is a 16-bit, 4-channel A/D converter.  One reason is to minimize drift between channels, because AD9653 has 4 ADC in the same chip. The drift is important for our application. Am i right? the drift is minimized in this kind of ADC?


Another thing is the crosstalk, that is also inportant for us. On the datasheet they only specify the crosstalk at 70 MHz. Could someone send me the measured croostalk at 500and 550  MHz?

This data can help us to make the choice of the ADC for our application.



thank you very much!


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