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ad9832 problem

Question asked by nambiar on May 30, 2012
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hi all,

         I am using AD9832 to generate variable sine waves of 1Vp-p. I have connected the AD9832 according to the test conditions as shown in the data and FSYNC pin externally for sending data. I am sending the same data as prescribed in the application note AN-621. But I am unable to generate a sine wave of 1V but a sine wave with Master clock frequency is reflected on Iout pin. That means if I change the master clock externally I get the sine wave changed accordingly and it does not depends on the SPI data that I am providing. I am getting a peak to peak voltage of 400mV at the output for all the above mentioned conditions. I am using AD9832 at 5V and SPI at 500khz. What might be the possible sources of error.