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Sweep mode in AD 9958.

Question asked by qpawelvn on May 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2012 by DSB

Hello. In LINEAR SWEEP MODE only works on a smaller (S0) function to a larger value (E0) ?


Here is my problem.


I need to continuously change the  frequency of the signal between the two values.


Option 1 - the initial value (S0) is less than the final (E0).


Option 2 - the initial value (S0) of more than a finite value (E0).


In the Option 1 of a sweep is running. In option 2 does not work (still on the starting value).


That's inherent in the architecture of chips or something I'm doing wrong?




Enclose two configuration file for the debug board  AD9959_ EVAL for option 1 and 2, respectively.