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Re 19394 - using InitCode to decrypt code when copying from flash to L1, L2, SDRAM

Question asked by Mechi on May 28, 2012
Latest reply on May 30, 2012 by CraigG

Hi All,

We're working on code for the BF548. The parts of the code that must be encrypted reside in L1 and L2. Some may also be in SDRAM.

Are there any examples for how to use initcode and the callback to decrypt specific blocks/addresses of code?


I didn't find an answer to the writer's question:

  >> How do people generally encrypt data in the .ldr file?

  >> Do they write their own parsers that set Callback flag + encrypt the data or do they use the flags in elfloader.exe + write a dll for the encryption?


I'm interested in a simple encryption routine which will make the *.ldr file updates sent to customers "unreadable" until the loader code/init code decrypts the ldr/bin file while/after loading to memory (L1, L2, SDRAM). I've searched the examples and read the HRM but haven't found anything concrete.

I'd appreciate any help on this topic.