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Part / Eval board advice for project please?

Question asked by Nando.One on May 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by Nando.One

I've been assigned to develop a relatively simple DSP project and I would like to have some advice before I start buying things

Here it is:


- Two channels at 192Khz

- Parametric Equalizer with 6 or more bands, featuring three modes: Low Shelf, High-Shelf, Parameters

- Each channel has delay adjustment, I know Sigma DSPs have little memory, but it’s okay if there’s not much delay time available.

- Each output channel has LPF and HPF filters, being the available types, Linkwitz Riley, Bessel and butterworth, up to 48 dB/oct

- Each output channel has limiter, featuring Attack and Release time


The idea is to use a PIC device to interface Sigma DSP to the computer. PIC connects to the computer via USB and communicates with SigmaDSP via i2C or SPI interface. I’m fine with this part


Is ADAU1701 enough for the job, or should I work with the ADAU1446 instead?


Do I have access, via SPI or I2C, to the parameters of the SigmaStudio modules programmed into the Sigma DSP? These would be:


- Frequency, Bandwidth, Gain

- Delay time

- Type of LPF / HPF filter, as well as Slope and frequency

- Attack and Release time of the limiter


Is it possible to develop this project using an evaluation board, or, should I just buy USBi and make my own board instead?


Thanks a lot!