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AD9548 - 1PPS and 10MHz output

Question asked by oprata on May 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 31, 2012 by pkern

Hello Folks,

I bought an AD9548/PCBZ reference design to assembly 1PPS clock synchronization like at


The characteristics of my setup are:

  1) At REFB, I connected 1PPS high precision generator,

2) At SYSCLKP, I connected 10MHz OCXO (all parameter of OCXO is in accordance with AN-1002 application notes),

3) The setup configuration was done like those configuration files: test.stp and FDProfile0.psu


I used a 10MHz OCXO like SYSCLKP and 1PPS precision generator like REFB. I worked two days at the setup test. I checked the system with a High Precision Digital Scope and got that result:

  a) At output 1, the 1PPS signal has zero degress phase error. In other words, I measured the error between output 1 and REFB and I got phase and frequency lock.

b) At output 2, the 10MHz didn't synchronize phase with REFB.


Does anybody know what is wrong?

Does anybody know where is my mistake?


Thanks in advance,