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AD9739A FMC Eval board problem when using USB connection

Question asked by bcampag Employee on May 25, 2012
Latest reply on May 29, 2012 by bcampag

I want to use the AD9739A FMC Eval board with a FPGA VC707 board.

I got error messages (see attached) when I  launch either the SPI software of the AD9739A, or the SPI software of the ADF4350 (called ADF4350 SPI for AD9739A FMC EVB)

Here are some pieces of information:

-          These error messages happen immediately after the launch of the software, so it is impossible to go further.

-          The configuration is the following: A board from Xilinx VC707 in which a AD9739A FMC Card is plugged in.

-          To configure the AD9739A board, I would like to use the USB so I placed the J2 jumper on “USB” position.

-          The AD9739 board is plugged in on one side to the FPGA board, and connected to the PC through the USB connector

-          I tried 2 boards, and 3 PCs. (win XP 32 bit is the current operational system)

-          I already connected D30 and D31 as required for concerning TDI and TDO for VC707 boards rev A and B

-          When I use the board through the FPGA connection (using the default configuration), I can generate data with the DAC, so the boards seems to be operating correctly through the FPGA

-          When I look on the PC at the USB drivers in the device manager, the drivers seems to be operating normaly (at least the PC says it)


The problem seems to be linked only to the USB communication (either drivers or ??) .


1.       Could you please help to find out the reason of the problems?

2.       I could also try to use a 4th PC using Win 7 but it seems that the drivers do not work with Win 7. Could you confirm