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The problem with readings DOUT from ADIS16365

Question asked by lsbach on May 25, 2012
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I have a problem with data being received from the sensor. I use to communicate via SPI with ADIS, using ioctl SPI. To receive data sent to it DOUT 0x3E00 frame. In our application we added a control bit errors, which in the case of the gyroscope and accelerometer is a 15 bit data each, according to specifications. In case of receiving a reply with the status data errors ignored them. By contrast directly with erroneous data frame is a frame appears with strange values (almost all zeros). These figures do not include error status, and we know for sure that they are wrong. We tried to increase / decrease the delay but it did not work. The specification also did not find information about the situation. Subsequent readings are correct.


What could be the reason of such data?