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Set the value of PPI1SY3

Question asked by samiksha on May 24, 2012
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I am currently working on BF561 interfaced with an OV7670 camera.

I am using the GP mode with 3 ext frame syn. As I understand from the HRM that if 2 sync signals are used in this mode then the third one must be pulled-down by a 10K resistor. I am using only 2 frame sync which means the third needs to be grounded.

Somehow this point got overlooked while making the hardware and now I have no choice but to address this issue in software.

Is there any way I can set the  P_PPI0_FS3 bit to 0 via software?


I checked the HRM again to understand PPI_control register, and I understand that I can set the mode of transfer to output rather than input, but that will affect all the lines associated with PPI. Is there a way to set the direction of pins bitwise, so that only PPI1SY3 can be output and set to 0 whereas the others can be set to input mode and read as normal?