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AD9783 DAC Output Interfacing

Question asked by Av1n on May 24, 2012
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I am a novice in DAC design and am presently building up a board using AD9783 DAC which will be driven from a controller. I need to use both the DAC channels (terminated to 50ohm SMA connectors) for my design and was using the AD9783-DPG2-EBZ eval board schematics as reference. However, I am getting confused seeing that in the first version of the schematics, the output is connected to SMA connector using just 1 balun transformer whereas in the other schematic, the output connection goes via a 1:1 and 2:1 transformers to the SMA connector.

With respect to this scenario, I have the following queries:

1) What is the basis of deciding the number and type of balun transformers at the DAC output?

2) What all functions are performed by the balun transformers at the DAC output?

3) Due to lack of space on the board, if I have to use the single-balun configuration instead of 2 baluns at the output-side, will my DAC performance get affected and how?


Any help and suggestions in this regard will be really appreciated.