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Configuring 7606-6 for serial interface

Question asked by valliant on May 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by valliant

I am attempting to use the AD7606-6 evaluation board in stand alone mode. I have configured the board for serial output. The board seems to respond normally except that DOUTA and DOUTB are continuously zero. Initial conditions are as follows:


Avcc                5.04
Vdrive                5.12
OS[2:0]            lo
\STBY            hi
RANGE            hi    +/- 10V
CONVST            hi
RESET            lo
SCLK                hi
\CS                hi
BUSY                lo
FRSTDATA            lo
DB[15:9] & DB[6:0]        tied to ground
REF SELECT        hi
REFOUT            2.5
REFCAPx            4.4
REGCAP            2.52
V1                5.04
V2-V6            ground


Attached is a screen shot from logic analyzer. With an input on V1, I expect to see some bits in the first word but DOUTA is stuck at zero. All the other signals including FRSTDATA look normal. I repeated the test with an input on V6 with the same result.


I would be grateful for any suggestions about what I might be doing wrong