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ADV7393 Test Pattern

Question asked by AndyR on May 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by joe.triggs

**This question was posted by Ofek in the public help section as an FAQ document.  I have created a discussion in the video community for it.

AndyR EngineerZone Community Manager**


In a new card we developed, we use ADV7393 to produce PAL output S-VIDEO. As first stage of integration, we wanted to check TEST PATTERN, and found out that DAC2 at pin 27 of the component does not create video: DAC3 does create video.


The configuration, via I2C:

  {0x17,      0x02},

        {0x00,      0x0E},

        {0x80,      0x11},

        {0x82,      0xCB},

        {0x84,      0xC0},

        {0x8C,      0xCB},

        {0x8D,      0x8A},

        {0x8E,      0x09},

        {0x8F,      0x2A}

DAC3 video can be either Y or C, per swap at sub address 0x84. 

With 0x00=1E there is an output also at DAC1.


thank you.