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What does AD1937 maximum frame rate?

Question asked by song on May 23, 2012
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Hello, AD engineers.


I am looking for what maximum frame rate AD1937 can support and how?

I know there are two clock modes(direct mclk mode, internal pll mode), it seems those two modes have different limitation.

So I listed up limitation for each mode, can you please fill the table?


clock mode/
sampling rate
Direct MCLK
(possible frame rate)
Internal PLL  with MCLKI
(possible frame rate)
Internal PLL with LRCLK
(possible frame rate)
48kHz64/128/256/512 fs64/128/256/512 fs64/128/256/512 fs
96kHzn/a?64/128/256/512 fs
192kHzn/a?64/128/256/? fs


I referred Those values are from fMCLK limitation in page 8.

  - MCLK frequency PLL mode,  6.9MHz < fMCLK < 13.8 MHz

  - Direct 512 fS mode, fMCLK < 27.6 MHz


For various sampling rate and frame rate, should I use LRCLK for internal pll source?