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ICE-100B question

Question asked by airizar on May 23, 2012
Latest reply on May 30, 2012 by PrasanthR

Hi all


I'm using the ICE-100B emulator to debug a audio application running in a BF537 that sits in a evaluation kit provided by Bluetechnix.

My app compiles OK in the Visual DSP+ environment and the emulator seems to work OK until we found out that our app (which is running at a sampling frequency of 16KHz) failed to meet the timing and actually runs at a slower frequency.


My question is ¿does the ICE-100B fully emulates the BF537 operation? If so so from the results I'm obtaining, should I consider use an even more powerful processor?


The app that I'm running is an echo canceller and the major factor to select the BF537 as a prototiping platform was not to worry about a lack of performance in the processor.