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ADV7612 Equalizer Settings

Question asked by TimW Employee on May 23, 2012
Latest reply on May 24, 2012 by DaveD

We are trying to utilize the register settings adjustment by changing the map addresses in the register. We are referring mostly to your Hardware User Guide UG-216, page 188, and your ADV7612 Register Setting Recommendations document  Rev 1.2, November 2011, on page 7. We were able to obtain one of the setting information we needed, for example, we were able to disable the equalizer function and turn it back on, but that was the only function we could find on the Engineer Zone blog site, and not in the documentation.  We are supposing that there are some register code settings that can be changed in order to make the kind of adjustments below, but we are not sure how to make those changes. That is why we were asking for more detail on what the remaining (undocumented) code blocks did in the register. But basically, here is what we are trying to do with the device:


  1. We would like to control several different levels of equalization like High, Middle, and Low, and do it manually if possible.


  1. We would like to know the input signal level going into the device and then control its output level. For example, if an input signal level is too low, then we will adjust the equalizer EQ level to make it stronger as a fine adjustment.


  1. The current automatic EQ adjustment set to the device might make best value of equalization for an input signal level, we think. But if we can manually control the EQ level with a fine tuning, it is best for us to adjust it for best the EQ performance we can achieve.


From the Register Setting Recommendations document, on page 7, section 1.3.5, you show 2 sets of register codes, depending on the video resolution used. For example:


68 8D 04 ; LFG Port A

68 8E 1E ; HFG Port A

68 90 04 ; LFG Port B

68 91 1E ; HFG Port B


We can figure out what the first 2 code blocks mean while referring to your documentation, like 68 8D, 68 8E, 68 90 and 68 91, but the 3rd and last code block 04 and 1E is not documented. We are just guessing that there might be some level control by changing the 3rd block of codes, but that is only our guess, looking at the equalizer functions.


  I hope this clarifies what we are looking for. Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated.