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Wishlist for features in SigmaStudio

Question asked by HenrikS on May 23, 2012
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I am using the ADAU1761 evaluation board and SigmaStudio in my bachelor project.


During that work, I have found some features that would be very useful to have:


1. Reset feature for MidEQ.

I am using the MidEQ with different settings, and have a regular need of resetting it to zero on all bands. It would be very useful if the block had a "Reset All To Zero" feature, for instance in the right click menu.


2. Sinus Source with index/ LUT function.

I need to generate sinus tones at a number of separate frequencies, one at a time, chosen by user. Right now I am using a separate Sinus Source for each frequency, but this takes a lot of resources. Wouldn't it be possible to make an index controlled sinus source, so one could use a LUT table to choose the frequency output, and thus save resources? Or is there another method that I have missed?


3. Project exceeds chip limit: Show exceeding amount in error message.

Since this is a quite big project, I tend to use almost all of the 1761's resources. When the project is too big, I only get an error message saying it is too big, but not by how much. Would it be possible to state in this error message how much the design exceeds the limitations instead? This would be very helpful in deciding what to take out of the project, in order to make it fit.


4. User comments and right click menu for Cut/Copy/Format.

I make quite a lot of use of the user comment feature. I have found it difficult copying a single comment box, as a right click opens a formatting window instead. One has to highlight the box, and then use Ctrl-C or Ctrl-X. This strikes me as counter-intuitive.

Wouldn't it be possible to have the general right click menu contain the usual Cut, Copy and Paste items, and then either put the formatting window as a choice here, or put the formatting as a right click option when you highlight some text? The latter would also make it possible to format parts of the text different than other parts, ie. if you want to highlight something.


I hope my wishes are not too far fetched. :-)


Thank you in advance.