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BF-592 and floating point

Question asked by WorldMoto on May 23, 2012
Latest reply on May 25, 2012 by WorldMoto

I am researching possible solutions for adding a floating point coprocessor to our existing product design in order to improve the performance of our Kalman Filter for location tracking. Preferred communication bus is via SPI.


The problem is, I have only about $1 to spend on this (qty 10k). I might be able to go slightly over budget and use the 200 MHz BF592, but I need to know what kind of performance I could achieve from it.


Yes, I know a proper floating point DSP will give me 20 times the performance, but a proper floating point DSP will also cost at least $5. That might as well be $5 million. Unless someone knows of a floating point DSP at the $1 price point, I will need to do emulation. The fact is I really only need about 2 MFlops to make the solution viable. Anything beyond that would just be wasting money and electrons.


The problem is I can't find any performance data for the BF-592 and floating point. Can anyone here give me any idea what I could expect? Has anyone ever done a Whetstone benchmark on a BF-592? I don't need much in the way of advanced functions. I need raw number crunching, Multiply and add. And a divide/normalization operation at a few places.


Can anyone offer any experience on what I might expect? Is this avenue worth investigating?


Thank you for any assistance with this inquiry.