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3 axis accelerometer for car crash measurement

Question asked by mlaajanen on May 22, 2012
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I will design a car crash device that measures G forces during car testing, I need to read real time data(stream) for three axels and store it in memory for post processing.


1. I have been evaluating the ADIS16227 for a car crash analyze device but I have finally understood that it is not possible to read out realtime data from it)(stream the data), is this correct or are there some ways to do that?


2. if this(1 above) is not possible what sensor is the best where my demands are SPI interface and 10 k samples for three axels simultaneously?


3. I have so far found ADIS16228 but I from what I understand I can only read out on axel at that rate which means I need three devices, is that correct?