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HDMI source does not even attempt to read EDID (ADV7611 sink)

Question asked by Vlad-VT on May 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2012 by Vlad-VT


We ran into a problem with ADV7611 chip and we would like to ask for help.


We are implementing HDMI sink using ADV7611 with internal EDID (based on scripts from evaluation board). It works without any problem with some fairly old HDMI sources (for example Philips DVD Player DVP5985, Apple iPod Touch 3G). At the same time some HDMI 1.4A complient devices  (Motorola Bionic, Acer Iconia A-500, Canon VIXIA HF R21) not even trying to read EDID after HPD assertion. We see that cable connection Bit is "set" and HPA signal is asserted, but we do not see any activity on DDC lines from HDMI source. 


Thank you.