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square waveform problem

Question asked by R.Hariprakash on May 22, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by Kevin.G

hi this is hari,

     please can anyone help me, i am using AD9834 DDS ic for generating sine,triangular and square waveforms upto 3.3MHz(meha) interface with ARM7(LPC2378) processor. i am successfully created sine, triangular waveforms. square waveform also generated correctly except 1.1Mhz ,2.2Mhz, 3.3Mhz.i am using FREQ0,Phase0. but waveform is not standard position. i have attached my square wavwform output in this mail. please can anyone help me create a exact square wave.

          the control register, LSB Reg and MSB Reg values are


                    contorl REG - 0x2028

                    LSB REG - 63D7

                    MSB REG - 41C2

i am using 40mhz mclk. msb & lsb data's are 1.1mhz generated values