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AD9910 Reset

Question asked by carloalberto1976 on May 21, 2012
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I am using AD9910 in RAM mode to generete a ramp of RF frequencies to control Acustic-Optical devices.

I have some question to be addressed which is apparently simple but I am not receving the answers I want from DDS.

First I am controlling the AD9910 with an home made electronic board.

I completed the programming phase and I made some run and anything is apparently working.

After the first run I want re-load the AD9910 RAM by inserting new frequency for example decrease the delta between two consecutive frequencies.

To do what just said I send I master reset (on the appropriate DDS pin) and I re-load each register, but the AD9910 do not work as it should.

There is any advise in performing those operations which could help me??

thanks in advance