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ADXL345 Sampling Rate Sensitivity

Question asked by RachelA on May 21, 2012
Latest reply on May 22, 2012 by venkat

I'm using an ADXL345 in an application where we are monitoring collision impacts. We are trying to validata our system and are getting into some difficulty with the Scientists who are doing this work.


Our system is set to measure at 100Hz (50Hz BW) - but there are unit-to-unit differences. Some of these differences seem to be with the sampling rate, so I am trying to find out how accurate the sampling rate is and how sensitive it is to temperature and/or input voltage. Any information on this? I haven't seen a description of the clocking circuitry this chip uses either in the data sheet or in app notes. I am using a processor to supply the SPI clock signal to collect the data, so that isn't my issue. I'm interested in the internal clocking...