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ADV 7401 CP

Question asked by Amals on May 18, 2012
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     I am trying to decode the PAL input which is in RGB with sync on Green format. I am using an ADV 7401 EVAL board. Input is given on P2 connector. If I set the ADV 7401 to standard mode it is decoding the video correctly. I can see HSYNC, VSYNC, AND FIELD signals being decoded and out put properly. Now in this mode I have only 720pixels on the line. But my source is out putting 1024 pixels(it is a custom source). So I programmed the ADV 7401 to route the signal to CP and change the pixel sampling frequency to 19.7 MHz. But then neither VSYNC nor FIELD is out put properly. So I again changed the pixel sampling frequency to 27Mhz. But still the VSYNC and FIELD are not properly out put what could be the problem? How can I fix this ? I am attaching the script for reference. Please reply ASAP.




Amal S.