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ADF4213 issues

Question asked by sher.lentic on May 18, 2012
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I have an Evaluation Kit, ADF 4213EB1 and I have been trying to configure this for a test set-up of my PLL Frequency Synthesizer.


This is my current set-up:

1. A desktop PC with Windows 7 OS installed

2. This desktop does not have parallel interface

3. I dont currently have the Parallel-to-USB converter that is manufactured by Analog and should have come with this board

4. CD installer for the GUI of the board, ver 1.0.1


Would anyone recommend any workaround on how I can use the board with the following constraints:

1. Incompatibility of the installer driver for the board with that of my OS (read somewhere that installer only works for XP) without having to resort to complete formatting of the computer

2. Assuming that I get hold of that Parallel-to-USB module, would anyone have the driver for this module? One that is compatible with my OS 7.

3. Is the product already obsolete and is not offered in the market? Or does it have equivalent replacement boards.


Any help is greatly appreciated.