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BF-547 U-boot fail

Question asked by HansXie on May 17, 2012
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Please help double confirm if ADSP-BF547KCPZ-6A (vision:0.2) can boot start with the following configure:



  1. CPU Core: 600MHZ
  2. Ext frequency Runing : 120M


MP with BF533,537,for many years with 600M CPU with 120M extr frequency in products. But fail start on BF547KCPZ-6A ( Vision0.2)


Also have tried 100M,120M,125M,131M and Even 150M, only 120M can’t start up. And that is the right frequency  wanted.

Would you pleaes help to confirm and let know if BF547KCPZ-6A ( Vision0.4) can support it?


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