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ADV212 Decode Output

Question asked by mcorb1 on May 17, 2012
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Hello Dave,


We've been able to get compression to work flawlessly on our board (16 ADV212's compressing a 5120x5120 image). I'm now beginning the design for the decompression path of the data. I had been reading the documentation and wasn't quite sure of one thing- does the output from the ADV212 in decode mode contain a header? I read an earlier post (titled "Output Formats Basic Understand"), where the user had asked if there was a header in decode mode to which you replied that there was. I understand that the ADV212 requires an ADV212 Header as well as as the JP2 header to work properly. Was this what was being referred to, or is there an actual header on the ADV212 output?


Also, just to confirm my understanding, I believe the register value changes between compression and decompression are fairly minor. Can you confirm?


1) EDMOD0 and EDMOD1 change so DMA0 now reads in compressed data and DMA1 reads out raw data. (For our specific case).

2) Decode firmware is loaded (decode_2_14_1.sea).

3) During Pre-initialization, the Target Quality, Quality factor, etc. write are changed to a write of 0x00000000 to IDATA.

4) During Pre-initialization, the Codeblock size, Irreversible/reversible register, etc. writes are changed to a write of 0x00000000 to IDATA.