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ADT7408 data sheet clarification

Question asked by dansch07 on May 16, 2012
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by dansch07

In the data sheet for the ADT7408 (, Table 10 (page 15) shows some examples of temperatures for various hex/binary values. One of these examples is for the following:


Binary:     1 1110 0110 1111

Hex:     0xE6F

Temperature:     −25°C


Shouldn't the temperature for that hex value be −25.0625°C? The corresponding hex value for −25°C would instead be 0xE70?


0xFFF and 0xE6F are 400 codes apart, which at 0.0625°C per LSB equates to 25°C apart. 25°C from −0.0625°C (0xFFF) would get us to 0xE6F (−25.0625°C).


Is the table incorrect or am I looking at this wrong? The other values all seem to make sense to me.